Mathematics education uncovered and recovered

November, 2017

Gifted and bored

N is in Year 5. “What are you doing at school now?” “Umm, we are still converting fractions to decimals and back” “Show me an example” “Well, it’s something like  \( \mathrm{\frac{1}{2}=0.5}\),  \( \mathrm{\frac{1}{4}=0.25}\), \( \mathrm{ \frac{7}{10}=0.7}\) ” “I see. Can you write \( \mathrm{\frac{1}{8 }}\) and \( \mathrm{\frac{3}{40 }}\) as decimals?” He can. Without much effort. “The interesting […]


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Mystery continues

A new edition of a Pearson A level textbook has been published recently, and although there have been some changes made to the text, the mystery surrounding square roots has not been fully resolved. The good news is that the ambiguity about the meaning of the square root sign is gone as the book clearly […]

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